Are you ready to grow an organic following of highly engaged followers? Do you want to create content that converts so that you have killer stats to send to brands? Do you want to land multiple paid brand deals and stop just getting free product? How about learning how to 10x your brand deals if you already land consistent deals? Would you want to make $10K from one deal instead of $1K Would you DIE to be front page of your favorite online publication? How about on TV? Or a guest on your dream podcast? Do you want to learn how to market your content to grow to a million page views? Or have a top 10 podcastHint: it doesn’t involve funnels or automated spammy emails.


If you answered YES, then run, don’t walk, to grab your digital ticket before you spend your entire Summer stagnant, or worst of all, quitting come Fall.

For $199, you will receive our educational road-map from the 2018 Style Collective Conference in Raleigh, NC: panels, workshops, slide decks, and our 82-page workbook. Each module is 10-15 minutes long, so you only need to set aside 30-minutes a week. Remember, we did all of this over two days, so you can spread it out into manageable chunks or do it all at once! Check out the full curriculum here.

Six on-demand videos to watch anytime, anywhere

Digital copies of the four workshop presentations

Digital copy of our 82-page conference workbook

Why isn’t this included with my Style Collective membership?

The digital ticket is an upgrade because it’s all of the content from the conference (that attendees paid $399-$599 for). It’s common practice within the industry to charge for a digital ticket since it’s not cheap to get it all recorded over two 12-hour days by an audio/visual team, edited and produced, set up on the website, and then the on-going hosting fees for all of the content and videos.

What is the digital ticket?

Recorded sessions from our annual conference in Raleigh, NC. If you weren’t able to attend IRL, you can now join from anywhere in the world! Watch our panels, take our workshops, and get the exclusive road-map that we taught at #SCCon18.